Bachelor of Theology (15 classes)

Bachelor of theology students may choose an emphasis in pastoral studies, counseling, missions and evangelism, or worship leadership.

Students must have a degree in biblical studies or the equivalent of 60 hours of lower division courses. An AA degree from an accredited Christian or secular college is sufficient. Send in your application and a copy of your transcripts for evaluation.

Fifteen courses are required of the 16 listed below for a bachelor of theology. A practicum may be required if a student is going into ministry and has no experience. Practicums are conducted under the authority of a reputable ministry leader in your hometown.

1st Quarter (Fall)

September to December

303 Christian Worldview

306  Systematic Theology

307  Christian Counseling Foundations

421 Modern Missions

3rd Quarter (Spring)

April to June

301 Biblical Worship
402 Equipping Believers for Ministry

412 Marriage Counseling
441 Introduction to Leadership


499 Practicum in Major*

2nd Quarter (Winter)

January to March

309 Christianity and the Islamic Threat

400 Communicating the Word of God

401 Faith Based Networking
413 Family Counseling Issues

4th Quarter (Summer)

June to September

302 Church History II: Luther to Present

308 Psychology and the Mind of Christ

407 Introduction to Apologetics
442 Biblical Leadership

*Required if student has minimal ministry experience. Student must make a journal on experience within a ministry in pastoral studies, counseling, missions, or worship.

There are other classes available in leadership, pastoral studies, counseling, youth ministry, missions, and worship. Core classes are not replaceable without consent from the dean.