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5f86aad7c0We recently went to Mexicali Valley, on March 6-9th.  We found out that Mexicali Valley is one of the poorest areas in the world and it is about an hour from the US border.


The people, although they have very little, have so much!!!  We met one young man, Gerardo, age 13, who was left by his mother on the streets to fend for himself.  He ended up “drug running” for the Cartel, but now he finally escaped after being beaten badly and abused because of his desire to not do it any longer.


We met him at one of the church services we were conducting and we asked him what he wanted us to pray for and he said:  “Pray that God would bring my parents back”.


This is just one of the touching stories.

I see a tremendous need there in the Mexicali Valley.  The people are very poor and make about $40-$60 per week, AND THE PRICE OF MILK IS $5 PER GALLON!  Although Mexico has improved since I was there in the 70’s (they have more industry and industrial farming), the poor people are living in harsh conditions, many times in flimsy houses that look like shacks.


My goal is to set up a Bible College there in the Valley and educate their leaders in special monthly ‘seminar type’ classes, and have weekly classes for the general populace. This will help educate the people in reading, writing, and oral communication, as well as give them confidence and creative ideas on how to improve their lot in life. I also plan to set up a computer center with 5 computers and a server, so the people can come to the college office and do their work online.


I need a long table (conference style, that would seat about 15 people), 10-15 conference chairs, 20” computer flat screens (5), 3 more computers, 5 work stations, and about $100 per month for internet access. By having internet access, their work will be graded automatically online.

Also, I need support for books and tuition for about 50 students.  The books alone will require about $7 per student per quarter or $350 per quarter and $1,400 per year. The tuition, will be lowered for this group but it will be about $10 per quarter per person or $500 per quarter and $2000 per year.


So, please send your support!  We will be starting classes this July.  Send your contribution to Summit Bible College 2525 M.St. Bakersfield, Ca. 93301, labeled as “Mexicali Project”, or go to Summitbiblecollege.com and pay at our paypal icon putting down Mexicali Project as the designation.
Thanks, and the Lord bless you for your heart! Dr. Victor, President, Summit Bible College

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