Make a Payment

Please send payments to the following address:

Summit Bible College
3000 James Rd.
Bakersfield  CA 93308

You may also make a payment securely online via PayPal or credit card by filling in the description below and clicking the button:

Students who pre-pay their total tuition will be given a 10% discount on these fees. Payments in full should be mailed directly to Summit Bible College at the above address.

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy

The student must submit a written request to withdraw within the first 12 days of the quarter. The student will be refunded 90% if he or she withdraws within the first 5 days and 75% thereafter to the 12th day. No refunds are given after the 12th day. Books, application, registration, and other college fees are non-refundable. Students paying their tuition up front will receive the same rules for the whole sum as is granted for the monthly payment program. These “pay in full” students will not qualify for any refunds of any part of the whole after the 12th day of the beginning of their first quarter. Exception: VA students paid for by the VA will receive 100% refund if they withdraw within the first two weeks and 75% if they withdraw in the third or fourth weeks. No refunds are given after the fourth week.

Grievance Procedure

All grievances are handled according to scripture. The following system is our method of dealing with conflicts:

  1. Attempt reconciliation by discussing it with the offending or offended party. (Matthew 18:15)
  2. If your brother or sister does not listen, go to him taking a committed Christian as a witness and explain your side. If it is not possible to go personally, write a letter to the parties involved and get a pastor to verify it by signing it. (Matthew 18:16)
  3. If you are still not satisfied, write a formal complaint, have a pastor sign and verify it, then turn it in to the Disciplinary Board of Summit Bible College. Allow at least two weeks for a reply. (Matthew 18:17)
  4. Once a decision is made, pray about the alternatives, whether favorable or not, seek peace and guidance in the Word of God and get council. (Phillipians 2:1–4)
  5. Act on what the Lord is speaking through the confirmations of the above steps. (Luke 17:3, Revelations 3:19)