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Are you doing an online bible college search on the internet for “online college with monthly payments”, “minister ordination”, “online colleges with payment plans”, “bible courses near me”, a “ministry license certificate”, a “Christian bible college online”, “non accredited bible colleges in California”, or a “ministerial ordination application”? Well, Summit Bible College is probably the place to go! They have been in business since 1996 and their mission of “Equipping Christian leaders to help those in need” is probably going to meet your needs. Very good Bible College program!!!


This is Summit Bible College of Bakersfield Ca. Summit Bible College Bakersfield is also known as Summit Bible College, Summit Bible and Summit Bible School. Yes, Summit issues degrees in Theology, Divinity, and Ministry. We have programs in Christian Counseling, Christian Coaching, Christian Leadership, and Christian Chaplaincy for current chaplains and chaplain apprentices.

If you are doing internet searches for a “Bible College”, a “Bible College in the USA”, “many bible colleges in the USA”, there are probably many nearby universities that you could call on but none are like Summit Bible College.  Summit Bible College of Pa is not like us, either. That college is also known as Summit Bible College Pennsylvania, but it is nothing like SBC, and I think that it’s because if you are one of the few bible colleges in California, or bible schools in California, you must be highly favored. Why? Because “theology schools near me” is not the way to find a place to go. Summit Bible College has online classes and you can do your tests “open book” and be graded instantly.

Besides that Summit Bible College is practical. Yes, a school of theology is good, but what about a school of theology that shows you how to open a ministry of God? Summit Bible College is a place to get equipped and you get equipped the way one should be equipped, with vision, and godly advice. Summit Bible College is a place that equips ministers, ‘it is an equipping center’. You might say ‘they partner with God to equip you’!


You might be wondering about what is a minister in the church, who is an ordained minister, why should you be ordained, how to become a licensed pastor, who can ordain a minister or ordained pastor, ordained pastor requirements, and what is a licensed minister? Summit Bible College has the answers for you. Summit is a specializes in church ministers, and the ordination of pastors.  Each minister or pastor has a specialized plan designed for their preparation for ministry and pastoral licensing or ministry licensing.  Legal and ethical training for ministry is available. So, if you go to a minister church, want your pastor license, ordination, “a ministers fellowship”, “ministers fellowship international”, or “international ministerial fellowship”, Summit is the place for you. We have all that ministers or pastors need for support.

Ok, so let’s get down to the money. You are probably wondering about college payment plans, and you might search for “monthly payments college”, “what is a payment plan for college”, “college tuition payment plans”, or you may be wondering how much am I going to be in debt at the end of this thing?  You might even give up and say ‘what is graduation ceremony’, anyway. Why should I have a degree? Why should I want to graduate? Or what if I can just find ‘bible college curriculum for sale’?  Let me start with saying that for the quality program that Summit Bible College has you’ll never see a better payment plan. You will probably graduate and not be in debt at all.  Debt free graduation! How does that sound?

Now, buying bible college curriculum may be one way out, but you’re gonna miss the experience of attending.  As my 90 year-old mother used to say, “Education is about the process and not just the content.” So, if you want the impartation of the Holy Spirit, and you want the activation of the Holy Spirit there is no place like Summit Bible College.  You know the best thing is that they pray for you at Summit, for free. That’s right FREE!  You get great advice for free, and you can even take a class or two for free, but the best thing is that someone is praying for you and they want to do it for free. So, take my bible college advice, call Summit Bible College of Bakersfield, today.

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